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Bridal wedding dress today looks like a strapless dress, which looks beautiful on some pictures. Some brides still want the style of the past. The bride’s main consideration is what she deserves to wear. Style must be in accordance with the figure and means of financial, as well as setting for the ceremony. For example, a larger-framed woman should try her preferred dress, then choose the flattering one. Every bride wants to look beautiful on that special day. If he has $ 499 to spend on a dress, then he should not see a $ 4,999 dress. If the wedding will be held in the garden, heavy beaded dresses may have to be avoided.

The mode changes from a color dress to a white color, or a white variation, but because the color is not practical for most purposes, the color blue becomes another favorite, like pink. In the 1800s, the gray color became the color for the bridal gown for the lower class bride because the dress was re-used as the best bride of the week. For those who must wear dresses that will be used for regular events after the wedding, many brides will decorate the dress for a special day with a temporary decoration.

The “traditional” wedding dress known today does not appear until the 1800s. By 1800, fabric-made machines and cheap muslins make white dresses with existing fashion hoods. In the nineteenth century, a bride wore her white dress after the wedding was received. Trimming the dress made it suitable for various functions. As time went by, women’s clothing changed. Hems got up and fell, but his long dress, with or without a train, remained long liked by the bride. Long arms and neck styles change with current mode, but still keep it simple. Full arms, tight arms, sleeveless styles come and go and come back again. The simple design to decipher has been found so far.

Over the centuries the wedding dress has changed, but a bride always wants her dress to be special, making her look more beautiful. Centuries ago, only the rich were able to buy real red, purple, and black materials; Therefore, the rich bride will wear a colored dress decorated with jewelry. The bride will actually sparkle in the sun. Dress with a flowing arm or train is a status symbol, because the poor must use enough material. Manufactured materials, at a lower cost, cause the loss of the original meaning of the bridal gown train, but become a tradition over time.

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