Wedding Dresses for a Second Marriage

This is your second marriage and you will be the bride again. Do not feel uncomfortable. Have fun about your upcoming marriage – goodbye to the past and hugs of a promising new life. But you are not sure about what is acceptable and what is not for the encore bride; You do not know how to choose the right wedding dress. Etiquette does exist and you need to know it. However, you deserve the happiness. Just follow your heart and choose your favorite wedding dress.

White dress or not? The white color is almost universally used for traditional wedding dresses because it signifies purity and virginity. Some traditional mom or aunt will be surprised to see you wearing a white wedding dress. If you are a conservative woman or you think white is boring, switch to other popular colors like pastels. For brides who prefer to live in white families, try cream, ecru or ivory.
If you really want a white wedding dress, go for it. Remember that the wedding dress is not necessarily white. The tradition of a white wedding dress appeared in the 19th century. Queen Victoria leads this trend in her marriage with Prince Albert. On the other hand, purity really means a pure heart. The encore bride because you also have a beautiful heart filled with love and kindness. White dress to show pure heart and sincere love for your lover.

Veils, especially long veils, are reserved for first-time brides. It is inappropriate for an encore woman to wear the hijab. But do not regret having many other options. Modern hats, fresh flowers, extraordinary fur fascinators, hair jewelry or special headband. There must be something you like. Choose a beautiful headwear to show off your unique talents.

The bride used to wear casual or semi-formal clothes for a second marriage. But recently the formalities of wedding dress and wedding ceremony decided by the newlyweds. The second marriage does not mean far from marriage is amazing. Just enjoy it! Remember your feelings and happiness are the most important. Also consider your body figure, skin color, time and place of marriage. Anything the bride needs to think about. Dress up and show your unique style on your second wedding day!

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