Cultural Differences in Wedding Dresses

Because marriage is something sacred and should be a lifelong experience, it is always celebrated in a remarkable way. This is especially true if the bride’s family is very rich. In settings like this, there will be many guests and certainly a big party after the wedding. However, you will notice that the overall focus of the wedding ceremony and the party (if the bride does not turn into casual attire) will be the bridal gown worn by the bride. This is due to the fact that the wedding dress signifies most of the wedding itself and has been a symbol of marriage for many years.

In addition to being a marriage symbol, wedding dresses are also highly prioritized in wedding arrangements as it has become a tradition to make the bride look best during the ceremony. And you can only do this by making her wear the most elegant wedding dress.

There are many variations of wedding dresses in general. This is due to the fact that culture plays a major role in designing this bridal fashion. Some aspects of dress design largely vary because cultural beliefs are color, length and style. The perfect example is a traditional bridal wedding gown of Vietnam called Ao dai. Ao dai is usually red. It also has an oriental pattern mostly visible on the front that extends from the chest area to the thigh or leg. The red color of the wedding dress is in line with how Vietnamese culture sees it as a sign of luck and prosperity.

In Asian countries with Eastern cultures like China and India, her wedding dress is similar to Ao dai Vietnam on the importance of red color associated with luck. However, women lately from these countries mostly choose to wear colors other than red for their traditional wedding dresses. The White Western wedding dress is also a popular choice for the young Chinese bride. This is proof that globalization has indeed become something that has affected many people from all over the world.
Other countries like Japan have weddings where the bride will wear three or more dresses. This is done throughout the ceremony and after that the bride will wear a kimono which is a popular Japanese traditional dress during the celebration.

For Javanese in Indonesia, they wear kebaya which is a traditional blouse with batik. In the Philippines, my Baro’t is a traditional wedding dress for women paired with Barong Tagalog for men.
But at this time, there is an increasing demand for a customized wedding dress to fit the personality of the bride. This wedding dress is mostly relaxed and gives a unique touch to the atmosphere of the ceremony itself which is a very creative way to distinguish your own marriage.

From the time you reach your teens to puberty and little by little until you turn into a teenager, you definitely have to think about marriage at least once in your life. It is natural to do so and there is no need for you to feel ashamed even if you are a very conservative person. This is because marriage is considered one of the most memorable and important events in a person’s life.

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