Choosing Flowers for Wedding Venue

There are many elements that will influence how you choose the flowers that you will use to decorate your wedding venue. But just to make sure that you think of all the things we’ve compiled in a short list of all the things you should consider before placing an order with your florist.

Your wedding venue
Many wedding venues are adorned with pastel colors making it suitable for various occasions. You will usually find them various shades of cream, beige, lemon and maybe a light green. This means most of the colors you choose will be praised, especially if you have lots of foliage in your settings.

Your color scheme
Obviously the flower you choose needs to compliment the overall color scheme you have chosen for your wedding. Sometimes it is impossible to really match your interest, say you have followed the classic white and black scheme, you will be hard pushed to find black flowers, so choose white and accessories with black ribbon.

Your personal preferences
Of course one of the main factors affecting your interest decision is your personal choice. If you have a passion for sunflower then you probably know that they will perform at your wedding for example. But make sure that you are open to all suggestions involving your floral arrangements and wreaths.

Published on May 17, 2018 | Under Wedding | By Anna Wedding Planner
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